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Pink Jasmine
 Pink Jasmine

Pink Jasmine  (Jasminum polyanthum)

A rapidly-growing twining evergreen vine that can spread to 25 feet with pinnately compound leaves that have 2 to 3 pairs of leaflets that are dark green above and lighter below with a terminal leaflet larger than the others. The clusters of pink buds open to display showy and very fragrant flowers, nearly an inch wide, that are white on the outward facing side of the petals and pink on the backside. It flowers primarily in the late winter through spring into summer but also has sporadic bloom all year long for us along the coast in Santa Barbara. Plant in full sun to light shade with regular irrigation. It is hardy to at least 25 degrees F but can be semi-deciduous in colder climates where it is listed as hardy to USDA Zone 8. Plant as a vine on a wall, fence or allow to sprawl.

You can find this item under Perennials and Vines.

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