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 Full Sun  Part Sun

Sedge  (Carex)

Triangular, grass-like stems with sharp edges. Most prefer moist soils. Sun to part shade.

  • Curly Sedge - Unusual, light brown, narrow, arching foliage curls at the tips. 2 feet.
  • Green Twist - Olive green foliage with intriguing curved tips. Upright habit. 16 inches.
  • Bronze - Cascading, fine-textured bronze foliage. Mounding to 1 foot. .
  • Frosted Curls - A mass of cascading, fine-textured, silvery green foliage. 1 foot.
  • Toffee Twist - Iridescent, slender, copper brown leaves drape gracefully. 10 - 16 inches.
  • Ice Dance - Evergreen clump with creamy white and green variegated foliage. 1 foot.
  • Evergold - Variegated, striped, dark green and creamy gold, weeping foliage. 10 - 14 inches.
  • Prairie Fire - Orange Sedge - Greenish bronze foliage is tipped with reddish orange. 12 - 18 inches.

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