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Floraseries Performance Pack
 Floraseries Performance Pack

Floraseries Performance Pack

The FloraSeries Performance Pack combines all the advantages of the Flora Series in one reasonably priced nutrient system with everything gardeners need to grow from seed to bloom. RapidStart and FloraBlend stimulate root development. FloraGro, FloraMicro and FloraBloom provide minerals necessary for productive growth and bloom stages, while Liquid KoolBloom and Floralicious Plus boost fruit and flower yield. FloraKleen and pH Test Indicator simplify maintenance to keep plants healthy and growing.

Pack includes:

  • 1 oz. RapidStart
  • 8 oz. FloraBlend
  • 16 oz. FloraGro
  • 16 oz. FloraMicro
  • 16 oz. FloraBloom
  • 8 oz. KoolBloom
  • 1 oz. Floralicious Plus
  • 4 oz. FloraKleen
  • 1 oz. pH Test Indicator

You can find this item under Nutrients & Fertilizers and General Hydroponics.

 Item No.  Product Description  Price 
 FSPP400  10 piece pack  49.99 
Subject to availability.  Prices may vary.