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Deciduous Azalea
 Deciduous Azalea
 Full Sun

Deciduous Azalea  (Azalea Exbury)

Deciduous Azaleas can bring to your property fantastic scent as well as summer-long blooms. Many deciduous hybrids begin flowering long before summer begins and carry their beauty into the fall with brightly colored foliage.
All Azaleas prefer rich, humusy, acidic soil that drains well. Since they are shallow rooted, it is easy for them to dry out and, at the same time, drown if over-watered. Deciduous azaleas usually need no special winter care.


  • Klondyke-Orange & Yellow
  • Cannons Double- Yellow to Rosy Red
  • Jock Brydon - Orange/Pink/Yellow
  • Mary Poppins - Red
  • Northern Hi-Lights - Lavender

You can find this item under Shrubs.

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 1 gallon  11.99 
 3 gallon  26.99 
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