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Jump For Joy
 Jump For Joy
 Full Sun

Jump For Joy  (Floribunda)

Lusciously lovely, delectable peachy-pink color sets apart this sister seedling of Sparkle & Shine. They may have their differences (peach pink vs. deep yellow). But, like most sisters, they share some likenesses, too. Both are distinctive because of their large showy clusters, long-lived flowers with lovely color, round bushy super-flowerful habit, loads of glossy green leaves & consistent dark red new growth. Buy 'em both & let these sisters battle it out for who's the best in your garden.

  • Flower Color: Peachy-pink
  • Fragrance: Mild apple
  • Bud Form: Pointed & shapely
  • Flower Form: Ruffled, in large clusters
  • Flower Size: Medium, up to 4-inch diameter
  • Petal Count: Around 25
  • Stem Length: Medium
  • Plant Habit: Medium
  • Growth Habit: Very rounded & bushy
  • Foliage Color: Super-glossy green with dark red new growth
  • Disease Resistance: Good
  • Hybridizer/Parentage: Christian B├ędard-2014 Julie Newmar x Julia Child

You can find this item under Roses.

 Product Description  Price 
 3 Gallon  22.99 
Subject to availability.  Prices may vary.