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Light Rail 3.5
 Light Rail 3.5

Light Rail 3.5

Light Rail 3.5 is an adjustable, self-propelled light mover that transports a light system along a six-foot aluminum track. Simple, lightweight and easy to install, they can handle reflectors up to 50 pounds. This Light Rail 3.5 has a six-rpm Intelli Drive Motor which pauses at each rail end for a customized time period from 0-60 seconds. Replacement Intelli Drive motors are also available and come with a two-year limited warranty. For Light Rails 3.5, gardeners can also get the six-foot Add-a-Lamp Kit to run two lights together along a twelve-foot length or choose the three-foot Extender Rail to make a customized nine-foot unit. The Robo-Stik Lamp Stabilizer is also compatible with both 3.5 models and helps to position, balance and stabilize mounted reflectors.

You can find this item under Hydroponic Systems and Lighting & Accessories.

 Item No.  Product Description  Price 
 LR110  each  233.99 
Subject to availability.  Prices may vary.