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Mostly shade loving annual, but some newer varieties can handle sun.

  • Dragonwing or Torch - Vigorous. Large showy flowers and glossy leaves. Blooms from spring to frost. 12 - 15 inches. Mostly shade.
  • Illumination or Panaorama - Vigorous trailing habit. Flower clusters hang on long stems. 8 - 10 inches. Shade.
  • Bonfire - Cascading single, bright orange flowers. Outstanding performance. Vigorous trailer. Sun to Shade.
  • Non-stop - Upright tuberous-type, Large double flowers in vibrant colors. 12 - 18 inches. Shade to part shade.
  • Solenia - Large, double flowers on upright, semi-trailing plants. Likes high humidity. Sun to part shade. Cherry, light pink, red, or Salmon.

You can find this item under Premium Annuals.

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