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Rainforest Foot Push Sprinkler
 Rainforest Foot Push Sprinkler

Rainforest Foot Push Sprinkler

All our sprinklers come with our "Rainforest" sprinkler head that is made from the highest grade plastic. It has only one moving part so it will last for years. It produces a unique fine rain/mist effect spray that will not harm small plants & seedlings and is equally as effective for watering a garden or any size lawn.

Our sprinklers are used by home gardeners, commercial greenhouses and in orchards and tree farms. The uniform coverage is fully controllable from the faucet and will cover from a small 20 sq. ft. area up to an incredible 1900 sq. ft. on high pressure.

A strong metal spike base with a foot stand & flow through connector to enable multiple sprinklers in unison, ideal for watering low growth plants & lawns & excellent for rocky ground.

You can find this item under Garden Tools & Watering.

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 00137  each  19.99 
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