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Black and White Poly
 Black and White Poly

Black and White Poly

Growers can improve the lighting efficiency of their indoor garden with durable Sunleaves Black and White Poly. The white surface reflects 90% of the light back to the plant canopy while the black surface prevents any light from penetrating through.

The heavy-duty waterproof film also helps prevent algae and mold growth on walls. Users can double it up with the black surfaces together to economically and effectively partition off indoor gardens. Sunleaves Black and White Poly has a six-mil thickness. Comparable to panda poly.

You can find this item under Hydroponic Systems, Lighting & Accessories and Sunleaves.

 Item No.  Product Description  Price 
 GBWP101  10 ft. x 10 ft.  10.99 
 GBWP102  10 ft. x 25 ft.  29.99 
 GBWP105  10 ft. x 50 ft.  49.99 
 GBWP110  10 ft. x 100 ft.   92.49 
Subject to availability.  Prices may vary.