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Nuke Em
 Nuke Em

Nuke Em

This multipurpose insecticide and fungicide kills the eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects that feed on, and ultimately kill, plants.

Nuke Em targets all species of Spider Mites, Thrips, Whitefly, Mealy bugs and other plant insect parasites. The unique formula allows for outstanding control of vast varieties of powdery mildew and mold found in the garden.

Nuke Em:

  • Does kill mites, thrips, aphids, mealy bugs and more
  • Does kill eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects
  • Does control mildew and mold
  • Does work on walls, floors, hydro equipment
  • Is concentrated and economical
  • Is approved for use on the day of harvest
  • Is safe around people and pets
  • Is Breakthrough Technology

You can find this item under Pest & Disease Control.

 Item No.  Product Description  Price 
 IN100  8 oz.  24.99 
 IN102  1 quart  58.99 
 IN103  1 gallon  175.99 
Subject to availability.  Prices may vary.